Selected Work

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“Unplanned”, anti-choice activism, and the lies that they tell, Macleans, July 2019

Nine Books That Helped Me Through My Infertility, Buzzfeed, May 2019

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War of the HashtaggersToronto Life, June 2016

UnpregnantThe Globe and Mail, December 2015

The ExodusToronto Life, December 2015

The Trouble With KaleChatelaine, July 2015

The Numbers Game, Chatelaine, June 2015

Dirty TricksThe Walrus, December 2014

Paycheque to PaychequeToronto Life, November 2014

If You Go After Power, There Are Costs: An Interview with Naomi Klein, Hazlitt, September 2014

The Importance of Adult Classifieds, Hazlitt, September 2014

Hey Sugar, Looking for a Safe Time? The Grid, January 2014

Smoke SignalsElle Canada, December 2013 (print only)

Modelling AgencyThe Walrus, September 2013

The State of the Unpaid InternshipHazlitt, July 2013

The Problem of Suicide and How We Talk About ItHazlitt, June 2013

Crack is the Ultimate Gesture in Rob Ford’s History of Irony, Hazlitt, May 2013

Mental BreakThis Magazine, Spring 2013 (print only)

Bad Pills and Missing Science: How the Medical System Fails Us, Hazlitt, March 2013

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Unforgiven, Toronto Life, December 2012 (Honorable Mention for Best Short Feature, National Magazine Awards)

Our Symptoms, OurselvesHazlitt, November 2012 (Honorable Mention for Best Essay, National Magazine Awards)

How to Succeed in Journalism when You Can’t Afford an InternshipHazlitt, August 2012

Spring BackThis Recording, August 2012

Remote ControlThe Walrus, December 2011